BOOK the whole boat to wineglass bay VIA HAZARDS BEACH for you & your friends


View the spectacular Hazards mountains and crystal clear waters on the way to Hazards Beach, where we'll drop you off in style. From there, you can take the 25-minute flat walk via the Isthmus Track across to Wineglass Bay... Spend an hour or so there and we'll be waiting to pick you up when you return. Look out for dolphins and other marine life on the way!
(Subject to sea state and prevailing conditions)

$750 for the whole boat
3 hour round trip
bring 9 friends

(private boat charter)

Please note that: while we encourage spontaneity, any additional hours will need to be charged at our regular charter rates and are subject to availability. Freycinet Charters reserves the right to cancel or postpone any booking because of adverse weather, sea states or conditions that risk passenger safety or exceed our vessel's operational constraints. Passengers need to be well prepared for the activity they intend to undertake ashore and be able enough to board from or disembark to a beach via our vessel's boarding ladders.

general operational terms & Conditions