Freycinet Charters is a family-owned business and is proudly Tasmanian.

Your Skipper has been boating, fishing, exploring, bush-walking and observing the ecology and geology in and around Coles Bay and Freycinet National Park since childhood (for nearly 50 years now). Consequently, he knows the area very well indeed. Together, he and his wife raised their 4 children there and they've lived, worked and played there ever since.

When he's not driving charter vessels, he is a High School Mathematics, Science & VET Specialist Teacher, an amateur geologist; as well as a dedicated conservationist and environmentalist. He subscribes to the virtues of sustainable development and to the importance of preserving our planet's unique biodiversity, ecology and natural heritage for our children.

Your Skipper is a highly experienced, competent mariner. He served as both a Commissioned Officer in the Royal Australian Navy for over a decade and a Coxswain & Training Officer with the local Freycinet Volunteer Coastguard for a similar amount of time. He gained all of his formal Maritime Qualifications through either the Royal Australian Navy or the Australian Maritime College and he holds all of the requisite AMSA and MAST accreditations.

And of course, to accord with the finest of maritime traditions, your vessel was named after the Skipper's life-long partner 'Diane Elizabeth'

Freycinet Charters is keen to show you and your family and friends the wonder, exquisite natural beauty and diversity of Freycinet Peninsula and Freycinet National Park.

Accordingly, our mission is a simple one: We'd like to share Freycinet with others - We've had the privilege of living in this very special place for a long time now and we want to share it with visitors, friends and families alike. Freycinet Charters is dedicated to the preservation, conservation and protection of Freycinet National Park for current and future generations

And, to that end, we subscribe to, espouse and operate by world's best environmental practices whenever possible.

Your Skipper Stephen on the left, onboard with guests. Photo courtesy of Stuart Walker.

Your Skipper Stephen on the left, onboard with guests. Photo courtesy of Stuart Walker.

Our qualified deckhand Seb, also our youngest son.

Our qualified deckhand Seb, also our youngest son.